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{The Second International Cycling Congress}

On 14-15 April, 2017, the information campaign with experts from Nordic countries and North-West Russia took place within the second International Cycling Congress, being in partnership with Green Mobility international cooperation project between Nordic countries and North-West Russia.

Organizers: UNDP/GEF Project - Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation "Reducing GHG Emissions from Road Transport in Russia’s Cities", The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Cycling Development Project Let's bike it!, supported by Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and Green Mobility project. 

Opening of the second International Cycling Congress was made by Nikolay Asaul, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Head of UNDP/GEF Project in Russia - Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation "Reducing GHG Emissions from Road Transport in Russia’s Cities".

The second International Cycling Congress brought together 570 participants from over 50 Russian cities and 18 countries of the world. It has become a communication platform for all parties, interested in promoting bicycle as a transportation mode and creating comfortable and safe environment for urban cycling.

Such a large-scale event could not take place without the Nordic experts, who presented the best practices at the Congress: Lars Strömgren, President of Cykelfrämjandet (The Swedish Cycling Advocacy Association), Vice President of the European Cyclists Federation (ECF), Sweden; Niklas Aalto-Setälä, Cycling coordinator of Helsinki, Finland; Pekka Tahkola, Vice President of Winter Cycling Federation, Finland. The Congress was also attended by experts and participants of Green Mobility project, actively promoting the sustainable mobility values in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk and Pskov.

Within the session "Year of Ecology in Russia: Integrating Ecological Means of Transport" Olga Iakimenko, Head of Internet-Projects and Marketing Communications of ICSER Leontief Centre, Green Mobility Project Development Coordinator, presented the Green Mobility – Towards Clean, Healthy and Accessible Environment project results, implemented in North-West regions of Russia and Nordic countries.